12″ Rubber-band Powered Work boat

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The introduction of the internal combustion engine to the Chesapeake Bay dramatically changed the lives of water-men and the designs of their work-boats forever. Perhaps the most enduring of these early designs and certainly one of the most beautiful is the Hooper Island Draketail. Their characteristic long and slender lines combine with the round “Draketail” stern to create an exceptionally graceful hull. The assembly of your own Draketail is made easy with generously illustrated instructions to guide you from the shaping of  her round stern, to the application of the final coat of paint and first launching.   Details like strip wood cockpit coaming, rub and toe tails, motor box, metal exhaust tube and framed cabin door add realism and character to this most elegant of workboats.If building this kit isn’t enough fun, just wait until you launch her.   Seeing this little gem charge through the water will delight and reward it’s builder every tine.

• Individually hand-crafted, solid wood hull 
• High-efficiency plastic prop 
• Stainless steel prop shaft 
• Easy to follow illustrated instructions
• Contest rubber strip motor 
• Metal exhaust tube 
• Basswood rails & door frame 
• Nylon prop hanger & bearing 
• Brass port holes 
• Adjustable rudder 
• Wood display stand
• Pre-cut & drilled solid wood parts
• Brass, copper & galvanized fasteners

• Hammer 
• Sandpaper 
• Paint 
• Craft knife 
• Glue 
• Straight pin 
• Needle nose pliers

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